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We are able to improve your brand's e-commerce success quickly and achieve rapid and consistent revenue growth on Amazon, Walmart, eBay and other online platforms. Our success is your success! This is a Win-Win scenario for you and us!

We do not take any commissions and charge no fees as we are focused on making a reasonable profit on the products we buy from our suppliers for online resale.


Brand protection

We constantly monitor compliance with market requirements and use proprietary software. This protects your brand from IP infringement and counterfeiting, pricing violations, unauthorized sellers, suppression of listing and account shutdowns.

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Digital Marketing

Place your brand and products in the spotlight so customers can appreciate the experience and professionalism. Our experts apply best practices to improve your organic and paid placement in search results. This allows increasing traffic and overall sales.

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Creative Services

We tell your brand’s story and showcase products using professional high-quality media. Our team specializes in photography, video design, copywriting, print work and digital advertising for online sales.

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Customer feedback

Customer feedback is very important. We actively manage customer reviews and pass them on to our partners to ensure that the brand is always perceived as best as possible.

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Shipping management

We know well how to pack properly and ship your products. This allows you to save your time and focus on other tasks.

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Listing management

After professional optimization of your listing our team will install «safes» to preserve the integrity of your listing and brands.

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Streamlined Logistics

Let’s see how it works

Our team offers optimized logistics. To start successful cooperation we need to take only 3 simple steps:


Аfter making a decision to work together we will check your catalog for prices and compliance. Then we will discuss the contract and submit the purchase order.


You will need to send the product to the fulfillment center. If you need assistance with additional product preparation before delivery to a fulfillment center, you can ship to one of our manufacturing facilities.


Once your product arrives at the fulfillment center, our specialists will list it on pre-approved marketplaces for direct sale to consumers.

We sell products through stock (inventory ) and we are constantly placing new purchase orders. The higher the sales volume, the more purchase orders we place.



Lift in sales with marketing


Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions
How can Belsell help us eliminate sellers who violate our MAP policy?

To help you eliminate unauthorized sellers on Amazon listings we recommend that you as the brand owner immediately take control by creating, communicating and enforcing a seller agreement. Put a “No Amazon” clause in the seller agreement, and have ALL of your existing distributors sign the agreement. Once this is in place over time existing sellers will become aware of this restriction. When they try and restock they are reminded that they can not sell on Amazon anymore. Any new sellers that appear on the listing will be sent a “cease and desist” letter pointing out that it is a violation of your brand’s seller agreements they signed.

Of course, you as the brand owner CAN (and should) designate a specific seller to represent your brand on Amazon. An Amazon FBA go to “partner” if you will. Belsell is proposing that we buy inventory from you for resale on Amazon. Specifically we will send all inventory directly to Amazon warehouses so that the Amazon Prime buyer population will receive your products between 1 and 2 days delivered by Amazon. Key benefits include:

  • Increase in Amazon sales due to having your listings optimized for Amazon Prime buyers (i.e. Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA)
  • We would manage the inventory on a regular basis thereby freeing you from having to do so
  • Better optimized listings (images, bullets, descriptions, etc)
  • There are definitely other potential advantages of working with us (e.g. Amazon brand registry, managing Amazon expectations, Amazon ads) but these warrant further discussion.
  • When you do this we become your partner and will add significant value to our relationship with you. There is a very good chance your sales will actually increase because we will match the current aggregate buying volume of your sellers. Furthermore we will perform a variety of services which optimize product listings for Amazon sales.

To learn more about us and what sets us apart from the run-of-the-mill Amazon seller, see What We Do

Does Belsell team charge us any fees?

No FEES! We are actually an online retailer and your customer. We make bulk product purchases from our suppliers and partners (taking title to the inventory) for resale online. We earn margin on sales we make via eCommerce marketplace platforms such as Amazon.com. That is primarily how we earn a profit.

This is the perfect business model for both of us because our goals match your goals. It’s a win-win relationship all around

How will we communicate with Belsell team?

We will communicate with you as regularly as necessary via whatever means most suitable for you, including:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Skype
  • Other
Does Belsell team require a contract in order to do business with us?

Sometimes a contract is warranted. But we are most flexible and open to a simple handshake or an outline of our respective responsibilities via email between us. In any case a small market test is usually preferred before committing to a contractual relationship.

Let us prove to you that we can be a trusted partner to handle as little or as much as you’d like pertaining to the management of your eCommerce channels.

What if we don’t currently have any eCommerce presence (e.g. Amazon, eBay)? Will Belsell team work with us?

Yes, depending on the nature of your products and brand(s). Your brand may be new and you simply haven’t listed them on Amazon yet. In such cases we need to discuss the growth prospects of your new line of products to determine if there is ample opportunity for us to partner together.

Want to talk about it? Submit this 2 minute short form and we’ll get back with you in 24-48 hours!

Does Belsell require exclusivity with us?

No, absolutely not! We do NOT require exclusivity. In fact, we continually buy products from suppliers in hopes of achieving three main goals:

  • Achieve our own margin, profitability and growth objectives
  • Prove to you that we are an excellent customer and to give you confidence in our capabilities
  • Build on that success to the point that in a short time you will have enough trust in us that you’ll want to give us some level of exclusivity as a preferred Amazon FBA seller.

And one more critical point. Should exclusivity be warranted in some way, it certainly doesn’t have to be for all your products. In fact, we seek to do a market test with you in the initial stages. For example, we could partner together on perhaps just 1, 2 or 3 products/listings right from the outset. Once you are comfortable with the relationship, the number of products we partner together can grow as appropriate.

Want to discuss this with us? Submit this contact form and we’ll get back with you in 24 hours!


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